an artistic side of me

Other than textile design, fine art was the only class I enjoyed during my high school years. Class assignments were no burden to me, they were more of an enjoyment. Picasso was my first love for arts, especially his theory on cubism. Cubism changed my stubbornness of being a perfectionist to a carefree painter. My high school art teacher, Ms Sunday, never had specific rules or answers for art. She encouraged everyone to discover their own style. Now, my love for painting is back and I am rediscovering my style in between fashion and art. To kick off my first painting, I painted my logo along with mint, lilac and cotton candy color tones. I added uneven brushstrokes to create cherry blossoms that were inspired from my trip to Tokyo. What do you guys think?

This is the studio I went : Art Vacation, it’s filled with proper equipment and provides a spaceish environment.