Review: Oasis Spa

My trip to ShanTou has finally come to an end. I am not sure why, but I am getting numerous white head along my jaw bone and massive 3 in 1 pimples on my chin. Maybe it’s due to stress and unhealthy diet. It’s about time to clear out my pores and put myself into relax mode.
I was introduce to Oasis Spa’s : Pearl with Gemstone Revitalizing Treatment Facial.
Key Highlights: Basic Cleanse, Pearl Mask, Soft Laser, Special Stone Destress and Gemstone Massage
The Facial had 8 parts in 90 min and I want to share with you all my review. Overall the Spa is very well presented with hints of nature at the entrance. After a simple greeting, I was asked to wait at the waiting area, which they provided self help beverages. Not too long, I was brought to one of the rooms and started my treatment. The staffs were very friendly and made me felt welcomed.

This was my favorite part of the facial. 2 round warm gemstones were massaged along my face to eye area and neck. The pressure of the gemstone helped enhance my blood circulation and speed up growth of skin cells. It felt soooooo good and made me fell asleep!

The second last part was a head, shoulder, back and hand massage. The hand therapy with the gloves allowed the cream to deep moisturize my hands.

I was recommended to use the cooling mask by ERNO LASZLO to aid my white heads. Have you guys used this brand before? I am not very familiar with this brand. To get or not to get?

Looking forward for other great treatments to share with you all!

A treat for my lovely readers to try out the treatment!
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