magical allure of Chanel J12

Coco Chanel’s most famous quote ” Fashion passes, style remains.”
Chanel’s signatures include black and white Chanel suits, two tone pump shoes, pearl necklaces, leather quilted handbags, gold buttons and Chanel No.5 perfume. After decades, Chanel’s designs still remain in style and timeless. Why is that? Chanel’s daring yet avant grande creativity and professional craftsmanship has brought each design filled with life and inspiration.

In 2000, Chanel launched their initial model J12 watch line. In result, Chanel has created a success in the unique model of J12 and new creations from deepest black to an interest opalescent white ceramics. Why not pink, yellow or red? Creative Director, Jacque Helleu
re-quotes Mademoiselle Chanel thoughts” White is another color for Chanel, it’s a great match with black. Both colors consist all things with harmony and beauty. ”

The private tour of J12’s timeline was pretty fascinating to know about. The pictures took us on a journey from picking the best of the best ceramics to the very last pieces to complete such fine watches. J12 watches are eye candies with water-resistant to 200 meters, unisex watch and high-tech non-scratch ceramic material. I can’t stop thinking about the 4 million dollars limited edition fine jewelry watch. Fine jewels that are carefully secured in every dimension on the watch is truly an art piece.

Before the private tour, I have always assumed the colors for J12 were only black and white.
Introducing J12 Chromatic, a titanium ceramic, it’s one of a kind color and sparkle is polished with diamond powder. It’s a more edgy collection that brings attitude towards J12 designs.

Here are my picks from the newest collection of J12 White:

Basic Fine Jewellery Functionality

J12 29mm 36 pieces of Rose Gold Jewels J12 RMT