a sophisticated way to bring out "neon pop"

When you play around with trends, it’s very important not to let the trend overcome your personal style. A very good example is this season’s “shocking neons”. I can’t imagine myself wearing head to toe in neons, it’ll probably look pretty shocking. Trust me, I have seen people on the street not considering what amount of neons works and what doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we cannot dress full body neons. There are fashionistas who pick the right pieces and rocking the look. But for beginners, in order to make your outfit pop out, the key is to master the element of surprises. It can be a nice simple Tee, skirt, bangles, rings or anything. I have picked a neon yellow chain bag and sandals to add surprise to my outfit.
Tips: Make your neons a secondary element. For example people will notice your neons when you turn around or when they look at the lower half of your body.

hoodies shade by le specs x house of holland, sheer navy stripe chiffon top by , denim playsuit by LEE jeans, patent neon chain by laisee shop, neon strap sandals by ZARA