first timer for Samsung Galaxy Note x Floral Jamming

Who would think floral arrangements can go with electric gadgets? Hosted by MetroPop, I was invited to test out one of the hottest smart phones “Samsung Galaxy Note “along with floral jamming at Tallensia Floral Art. It was my very first time using android, the new interfaces and apps were total strangers to me. After a short tutorial on different functions and S Note app, I was ready to do flower jamming! My mother owned a flower shop while we lived in Vancouver. There were times I would help her out or watched her do her magic. Now it was my turn and to be honest, it wasn’t as easy as I thought; it took me 20 minutes to pick the right flowers. After 1.5 hours of focusing, I managed to create something I felt proud of.

Samsung Galaxy Note’s camera provides 800-mega pixels with 5.3″ HD super AMOLED Plus monitor. Using the camera, I took loads of pictures to create one of kind post cards from S Note app. Looking through the monitor, the images were very sharp and clear somewhat like a plasma TV screen. My habit is to create thoughtful cards to my bf after sweet dates. S Note is sure a user friendly app to use when you want to crop, cut, paste, write or sketch something. Here is my final product and postcard:)

Special Thanks for MetroPop, Samsung Galaxy Note and Tallensia Floral Art for such a wonderful Saturday afternoon!