if you haven’t noticed…

If you haven’t noticed, I have chopped half my hair last week. After bleaching and dying, my hair was super fried up. I thought changing my hair color was a big change for me, but I knew I needed something more… I popped by Marek Art of Hair to make the magic happen.The consultation I had for my new hairstyle with Tim Chong (hairstylist) and Micheal Lo (2individuals) was very interesting. We discussed my preferences for length, color and style. I confessed my fears of having super short hair and bad experiences I had with previous hair stylists. For myself, as a fashion stylist, I tend to suggest new ideas to clients and create looks that they felt comfortable in. Tim also gave me that impression, he listened to my thoughts and deliberated a hairstyle I felt confident and comfortable in.
Like my new hair?

Ahhh!!! Chopping my hair off! Before dying my hair, the stylist assistant applied anti allergic cream along my hairline to protect my skin. This never happened in my previous experiences. I found it very thoughtful!

I kept myself entertained with loads of gossip magazine. Tim also taught me a quick way to add a bit volume to my hair. Thanks so much !!!!

10 days policy at Marek At of Hair: if you are not satisfied with your hair, come back and fix it within 10 days