a quick chat with Romeo Gigli

Romeo Gigli , legendary fashion designer, was in Hong Kong to celebrate his worldwide exclusive collection with JOYCE. Interestingly, Denni Elias aka chicmuse was one of the faces in JOYCE x Romeo Gigli’s Ad Campaign. Gigli’s well-known distinctive style features soft and romantic silhouettes that are inspired from Renaissance Art to punk street style. Observing his designs, I noticed that his work brings out a sense of emotional expression, especially on the use of oil painting like colors and the form of garment. More like an artist, Gigli’s work projects extraordinary quality and I am about to find out more about his ways of thought.

vnikali: If you were to give any advice to a person stepping into the fashion industry, what would it be?
Romeo Gigli: Stay tough and believe in yourself. Be prepared that you will go through ups and downs, but each time it makes you a better person. Stay true to your own vision with no doubts, if you start doubting then you will become weak.
vnikali: How do you get inspired?
Gigli: As a designer, I am always seeking for something and trying to translate the desire to people. It’s a must to know about art, music, movies and everything around you. Your first hand research brings originality. I find Internet too useful now, people end up pulling existing references instead of inputting their own insight which will lead to copying.
vnikali: What’s in your mind when you are designing?
Gigli: I constantly think of something to follow and finding a balance in contemporary. My vision for fashion is like art.
vnikali: How would you describe your designs?
Gigli: Freedom pieces, catching fragility of women, simple pieces playing around with body shapes and making it a collective art.
vnikali: What made you pick Denni Elias as one of the models in the Ad Campaign?
Gigli: Denni Elias’s features are very unique, I like to discover new faces instead of using celebrities. Usually the models I pick will become famous afterwards, my eye for discovering new faces is quite good!

Behind the Scenes in Beijing with Photographer, Chen Man

Photos provide by JOYCE
Thank you JOYCE for inviting me to the exclusive Fashion Seminar by Romeo Gigli.