the drape maxi

A maxi dress can be worn in an informal or formal length depending on certain occasions. What inspires me are various celebrity paparazzi shots, no matter if it’s just grabbing a coffee or on the streets. Since most of the time they look comfortable and relax in way chic way. From plain colors, patterns, prints, layers…etc I find adding drapes will create a dramatic effect when it’s done properly. Draping adds a hint of Goddess vibe to any maxi dresses. The neckline drape from Archive Collection( A.T by Atsuro Tayama) is a good example. My preference on footwear for maxi dresses are something flat! Sandals, ballerina flats, converse or even cool loafers will work the relax yet comfortable trick.

Tips on creating a soft silhouette for jersey maxi dresses: For a more defined waistline with maxi dresses, you can use a cloth strap and tie it right above your belly button. This will create a better proportion to your body and create a small belly illusion. I highly recommend you use a cloth strap/ribbon instead of belt.

gray jersey maxi dress by A.T by Atsuro Tayama, mix denim vest by Forever 21, oversized shades by Fendi, green necklace by Forever 21, gold sandals by ZARA, tan bag by Mango