tie dye peplum

Initial impression for peplum silhouettes tends to be very 50’s , classy and feminine. By changing the material and texture, we can bring out an edgier side of peplums. But how can we keep a balance of femininity x edgy? A leather peplum would be the ideal answer for a edgy yet elegant peplum, however I am here to introduce something new! I picked out this cool peplum top with a special plastic material and tie dye effect at UHoo Hoo. Matching it with a slim skirt will create a contrast between the lose descending peplum and tight skirt which giving us an elegant yet sexy silhouette.
Tips: Throw on a fitted denim vest instead of lose ones, your total look more tailored.

tie dye peplum by uhoo hoo, denim vest by blue heros, skirt by mango, blue heels by forever21, white watch by hugo boss orange