stretch trim skirt

A classic high-waist tight trim skirt with a sexy twist is my pick for the week. I was obsessed with Givenchy’s Skirt cut from their previous season. My intention for a DIY failed, luckily I was able to find something similar. The half oval cut off at the front, is the key for a modern sexy vibe to the outfit. It’s not like a typical skirt that makes people stare at your legs, instead this skirt will bring surprises from back to front. Running around the city to different events and press days, I casually wore a denim shirt with a sequins bra top and ran out from my apartment.

Tips for picking trim skirt: Make sure the skirt is not super super super tight and the amount of thighs showing should be half way up. If it’s too high, you will end up showing your panties. The back length of the skirt should be right on the knee area.

denim shirt by H&M, sequins top by Topshop, necklace vintage, skirt by random shop, brown back pack by next
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