I need a collagen boost!

When it comes to anti-aging, wrinkle matters and firming; collagen is the main key to reduce these unfriendly problems. I keep reminding myself to prevent before the problem occurs. As aging process begins, cellular proteins hook together or changes shapes, which creates in a loss of collagen that decreases firmness in the skin and body tissues. Who wants to age to a dried raisin? That’s why we need to store up collagen and constantly keep our skin hydrated. To help boost up its power to skin’s own collagen-chilling ability, I am trying Estée Lauder’s“Perfectionist” ( HK$650 (30ml)/ HK$940 (50ml)) supercharge skin’s natural energy. It’s proven to double up collagen-chilling power in one week.

What you will notice and feel in…..
1 Day: wrinkles is reduced by 37%, skin feels smoother, looks younger, radiant and more plumped
1 Week : wrinkles will begin to look lifted away, skin’s density is significant improved with younger, firmer and more lifted look

1 Month: reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, skin feels firmer with youthful bounce. Facial contours appear more toned and defined.

My Review: My skin feels and looks smoother after using it for 2 weeks The texture of this serum is very light, which makes it easy to apply onto face. After application, the serum doesn’t feel sticky or oily on skin. Also it helps to smooth out skin before applying make up. I usually use 2 small drops for forehead, near eye area and along lips. Highly recommend this product if you are in search for a collagen boost up this Autumn.

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