tucked in blazer

Treat your blazer like a shirt for a fun twist. The most basic way to wear a blazer would be with skinny jeans, any kind of top and a pair of flats or stilettos. The fun part about styling is reinventing all kinds of possible styles in one item. It can be a hat, a skirt or a belt. Not sure if you guys remember this blazer from my Forever 21 blogger feature video? Instead of wearing it like a jacket, I decided to tuck in the bottom half in my high waisted skirt. This styling creates a longer silhouette on your lower body and don’t forget to add a belt to define waistline.

Tips for tucking in blazer: Keep in mind that you want to make the blazer like a shirt, so pick something that is light and thin. I would suggest thin linen or jersey textured. Also roll up your sleeves to create a casual rolled up shirt feel.

sponsored blazer by Forever 21, gifted skirt by Uhoo hoo, belt by H&M, vintage bag by Fendi, sequins top by Topshop