The Barroco Line

Barroco, Loewe’s new limited-edition line of bags, has combined the essences of Spanish art and architecture into the collection. The collection was inspired by the baroque heritage, but I saw no signs of extravagant gold or visually frenetic decorations. Alternatively, you can notice the subtle baroque motifs printed on its leather, scarves ,lining and padlock. Every piece in the collection had the right amount of florid shape, making each piece collectable and timeless. This is something I always seek for when I look at various collections. The Amazona bag is def on my wish list.

Apart from the designs, let’s take a closer look at how the emboss was done! Loewe used highly skilled artisans of Córdoba to emboss the leather goods in it’s Barroco line. First they drafted the baroque motifs in detail, and then placed it over the leather for pattern scored. After the draft has be prepared, artisan will moisten the leather to start building shapes with various tools. It takes a lot of effort, time and patient to create such extraordinary designs on delicate leather. I got very inspired by the collection and decided to “Barroco” up my laptop too:)

If you want to take a closer look at the collection you can check out the exhibition or visit their shops!
Exhibition period: Oct 11- 15 at Elements, Metal Zone, 1/F