Soul i-D

Joyce x i-D magazine’s “Soul- i-D“ exhibition is one of the exhibition I want to check out right now in Beijing. Tricia Jones, the co-founder of i-D magazine with her husband Terry Jones, creates “Soul i-D”, which features a series of work inspired by questions she posed to the artists that are composed of photographs, essays, painting and collage. The questions include ” What is beyond price?” and ” What have you learned that you’d like to pass on?” While I was writing this post, I kept asking myself the same questions. What would I share? Could it be something I learned from my down moments to step back up again? Or particular skills?Hmm…What will you pass on?

Have you uploaded your i-D photo booth shot? From 24th October to 7th November, participants can upload their i-D cover shot to weibo then add to #JOYCE X SOUL i-D# and @JOYCE载思. 3 most outstanding cover models will be selected by JOYCE. The No. 1 winner will receive $1000 credit money from JOYCE and the runner-ups will be gifted with a copy of Soul i-D Limited Edition for JOYCE.

26th October to 7th November, the exhibition will move to Beijing’s 798Art Zone