double stripes with high tigh boots

My way of wearing high thigh boots this winter is to incorporate it with classy pieces. High thigh boots are usually considered to be erotic, but how can we make it less sexy and more sophisticated? The very first thing you should consider layering your outfit. A tight one piece dress with high thigh boots might give a wrong image. You can try mixing stripes, little black dress (A-line cut), blazers, shirts and pencil skirts to tone down the sexiness. In this outfit, I have layered it with a striped shirt, blazer and a Chanel brooch. The Staccato high thigh boots are a great match with the leather shorts.

Tips for high thigh boots: Try to find a pair that fits right above your knees. If your legs feel chubby after wearing them, you should consider another pair. The tricky part is to balance tight and lose fits in your outfit. A head to toe super tight fit will make you look like cat woman.

striped blazer and shirt by forever 21, leather shorts by Salvatore Ferragmo brooch by Chanel, clutch gifted by Ports 1961, boots by Staccato, watch by Swatch