it’s more than an IT bag!

When luxury vintage bag clashes with antique charms, it creates an unique concept to give a new life to these items. On Pedder invited Dylan Ryu, artist, to showcase her History Collection for fashion lovers to witness her one of a kind handbags. Dylan explores and captures various memories from her experience to every handbag with a hand written letter in it. With her tasteful edits, she sources various hidden gem embellishment to customise her art. One of the reasons why I love vintage handbags because it’s unique and Dylan Ryu elaborates each vintage piece with her own tasteful skills. As a vintage bag lover too, it was a great treat for me to exchange thoughts and have a nice chat with Dlyan Ryu. How did you start creating these one of a kind handbags? It all started off as a hobby, I made a few pieces for myself to wear at first. Eventually my friends wanted me to make one for them too. Which is your most favourite vintage bag? Christian Dior bag, it was a gift from my mother during high-school. While I was at my friend’s party, I accidentally spilled wine all over it. There was no way I can get rid of the wine stain, so my solution was to cover it. I covered it with lace and that’s when I realised the magic of personal touch to handbags. Do you have a certain embellishment for each bag? Depending on the material, I like to use patches on canvas and charms on leathers. How do you pick the charms, badges and materials? I have a hot eye for picking things that stand out. Since I have been to the flea market many times, it’s quite easy for me to spot where to but what. My habit is to buy everything first then edit it while I start working on next piece. Which one is your most memorable bag you have customised? In 2010, I was working on an archive collection for my client. It was my first time hand sewing on turtle skin ( it was super hard like a stone) and I spent 7 hours on a patch and broke 12 needles. What do you think about IT bag? While I was working with a fashion designer, I used to love IT bags. But sooner I realised that it was just a trend and after 2-3 years you will think it’s outdated. Now I don’t like buy IT bags, I only buying classic bags in different colours.That’s why I want to create one of a kind vintage bags that are special and can be worn for a long time. Do you have a muse for your handbags? 60’s and 70’s French Woman, Jane Birkin and ladies with confidence 3 words to describe your handbags? historical, unique and charming On Pedder Stores