Lashionista! goes up & stays up

Mascara is one of the most common cosmetic item that ladies will use on a daily base. I wasn’t a huge fan of mascaras, I had the impression that my eyelashes will gradually decrease if I kept on applying it and removing it. Also every single time I tried curling my eyelashes, it would get stuck to the curler and a few eyelashes will fall out. That’s why I have discovered a non curling mascara from Maybelline’s new” Lashionista”, this mascara combines fashion x lashes.

If you think about it, a fierce outfit should always go with sharp killer eyelashes to complete the total look. Have you ever wondered why after applying mascaras, your eyes will look awake and sexier? It’s all about the wave, length and pigment. Lashionista’s new formula can increase your eyelash length by 4mm that “goes up & stays up”.


The Hot Pink Packaging grabs total attention and 6 point shape brush, can increase your 2 times length. The best part is you don’t need to curl your eyelashes after application. It’s also pretty easy to wash off with normal make up remover.