Ladymatic : simply graceful, timeless and elegant

In a gentlemen point of view, watches look and style can give others a peek into a man’s background and taste without asking much question. As for most ladies, we seek for designs that catches our attention and can be treated as an accessory. Instead of just appricating timepieces by it’s outlook, I wanted to have a deeper understanding of Ladymatic’s history, design concept and its heart. What’s your first thought when you think of Ladymatic? For me, there is an automatic image of Nicole Kidman’s graceful smile wearing a long silk gown on OMEGA‘s Ad Campaign. But what is really behind Ladymatic that draws attention to modern ladies, who desires to own a wristwatch with mechanical components. The movement driving the Ladymatic ‘s heart is the Co-Axial escapement ( simple meaning of how mechanical wristwatches are made). Each movement in the watch is equipped with OMEGA’s exculsive Si14 silicon balance spring, that can highly resist external shocks and environmental distrubance. That’s why Ladymatic has a 4 year warranty, meaning each watch is relibale.

There is a difference between modern quartz watches (electricically ) and mechanical watches (makes the “ticking” sound. Seriously, I had no idea what was the difference between modern quartz and mechanical watches before going on this trip. I have to be frank, my knowlegde in watches is not deep. This trip has inpsired me to look enrich my knowlegde in timepieces from inside out. Of course it will take some time.. but I am off to a good start!


Visitng Vienna’s OMEGA Flagship Shop’s Timepiece Museum. Ladymatic was originally launched in 1955 and continuing for the better part of a generation. The Ladymatic wristwatch line defined feminine grace and elegance in another era. It was one of the brand’s first self-winding watches to be designed especially for women and it featured the smallest automatic movement OMEGA had ever made.


Design wise, the bio colors of the wristwatch stands outs with decorative rings around case body. Layers of seductive waves adds movements to the watch. The Vibrant dial in various shades gave character to each Ladymatic. My favorite shades from that past collection are brown and white mother pearl. The 11 diamonds on the watch adds simplicity to the surface which makes the watch timeless and elegant.


My visit at OMEGA Boutique Vienna gave me the opportuity to take a look closer at OMEGA watches and their OMEGA Museum section on the first floor. Nicole Kidman and Stephen Urquhart also toured the 400m² boutique during their stay at Vienna. The entire boutique was lavishly decorated with images of Ms Kidman from OMEGA’s campaign.




Outfit post coming up! Stay Tuned for my next post of Vnikali at Vienna for OMEGA Ladymatic