A magical evening at Garden Palace Liechtenstein

OMEGA, LA NUIT ENCHANTÉE was beyond magical to me. After 20 hours of flying, I finally arrived at the Ritz Carlton Vienna. Everything happened too quickly, it seemed like magic wand had swirled on top of my head to transform me into Cinderella. When I stepped outside from my car, the long aisle of opulently lit with decorative projections brought me to land of fantasy that took my breath away. I decided to use my i phone with my Instagram effect to record the night for a realistic approach. As I walked into the standing cocktail party in the palace massive entry hall, lines of decorative trees surrounded us like an enchanted forest. We were all in OMEGA Ladymatic’s magical world that was timeless, elegant and fairytale like. Honestly, this event was one of a kind compared to other events I have been to. We were welcomed into the upstairs dining room to enjoy a choreographed dance performance before dinner. Nicole Kidman appearance in a black embellished long lace gown enchanted everyone with great delight. You can watch a video HERE

Omega presents Ladymatic ProduktprŠsentation

(photo credit from OMEGA)

At the event, I wore a vintage butterfly sequin top with a long chiffon/silk gown by (nude) from Eletric Sekki. Jimmy Choo’s dark blue Candy Clutch and heels were my key accessories along with NARS Yu lip pencil. Also there is not doubt Swarovski’s statement Tamia Ring completed my outfit that night.

omega_event1 omega_event2


(photo credit from OMEGA)

Stephen Urquhart and Nicole Kidman welcoming guests to start off the magical night with OMEGA’s Ladymatic Launch



(photo credit from OMEGA)

For dessert, guests descended downstairs to enjoy dessert along with Australian singer ,Shelley Harland performed her song “In the Dark” live on a stage, accompanied by her husband, guitarist James Harland-Wright on guitar. The song is the soundtrack to the new Ladymatic television commercials.

omega_event4Due to jet lag, I went back to the hotel right after dinner and missed out the live performance 🙁 It was already a perfect night for me and I couldn’t ask more! Till… I got back to my hotel room, boxes of OMEGA gifts were thoughtful place on my bed to remind me of OMEGA’s magical night that I will never forget. Thank You!