a day with CasioZR1000 at Harry Winston Bridal Collection

Sometimes it’s hard to bring my big camera to all my events, especially when I want to carry a small purse at an elegant setting . Currently I am trying out Casio’s ZR1000 as my second alternative for high quality photos and continuous snaps instead of iPhone 4s. Yesterday, I was invited by Harry Winston to view their Bridal Diamond Ring Collection at The Peninsula Hotel. During the fashion we enjoyed delicious high tea sets and refreshing strawberry beverages. I used my Casio ZR1000 to capture my experience at Harry Winston’s gorgeous sparkly fashion show. There were 4 functions from this camera that I found very useful while I was taking pictures.

1. The All in Focus Marco and blurred background that creates foreground subjects to faraway backgrounds. As you can notice the image depth from my drink , fine details of the strawberry seeds contrasting blurred background.

2. Camera stand and a Tilt-type LCD allows me to take pictures from various angles. It’s convenient for a self snap with your friends or even your own outfit during the day with its motion shutter, which snaps the photo in response to the subject’s movements. I am able to do some self snap my outfit details in the angle I want during my MTR ride before heading out to work.

3. A 25x Multi Frame SR Zoom maintains refined image quality. The zoom lens was very useful to zoom in up close and capture Harry Winston’s jewelries on model’s hands from a distance.

4. HDR-ART for creating artistic photos, for an artistic approach on product shots. It defines the intensity of contrast and color saturation. The two Harry Winston wedding rings, Attraction and HW ring, are an example of adjusting levels of artistic effect. The image has a higher contrast with a miniature effect.


casio_1 casio2


Striped chiffon shirt by Forever21, Trouser by kitterick, Tote bag by Victoria Beckham, Ring by Bejewelled Bespoke Designs

All Images taken with Casio ZR1000