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Rigby & Peller have been well known for its focus on prefect fits and Grantee of the Royal Warrant by HM. Queen Elizabeth II. With this statement, we have a clear idea that Rigby & Peller guarantees a premium range of lingerie and styling service. June Kenton, Director of Rigby & Peller, shared her beliefs on how women should connect with her bras. The majority of women tend to spend a fortune on luxury brand garments and forget what they are wearing underneath. But have you ever considered how a fitted bra can enhance your clothes? Finding a fitted bra that can connect your body to your clothes that will build your confidence up

In my thoughts, I feel like bras have become a part of fashion. Sometimes it’s difficult to show off your bra with a sheer top if you don’t feel sexy or comfortable in it. At Rigby & Peller, you can find a range of luxury lingerie, sport lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and Shapewear under garments. Andres Sarda and Aubade’s bra are my favorites among their collections. I am going to step out of my solid black bra comfort zone and try something this season! Stay Tune!!!

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My interview with June Kenton, one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met 🙂

How would you describe yourself or Rigby& Peller’s lingerie stylists?

We are like personal doctors to our clients when they come to seek us for suggestion/help on undergarments. It’s a pleasure for us to understand their taste and lifestyle in order for us to suggest various styles. At Rigby & Peller, we listen to our clients needs and then tailor select.

In Asia, a lot of females aren’t confident about their breast size, is there any suggestion you can give them?

First of all, find a bra that fits! There is different padding that can help push up your breast. If you are already unhappy about your breast and continue to wear cheap bras, it will make you feel worse. Always remember to wear a bra with wire no matter what, it will give you the right support.You will be happy when you grow old and don’t need to worry about your breast dropping.

How was it like working with Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth and other celebrities?

It’s my duty not to say anything that happens in the room with my clients and everything is confidential between us. All I can say is I was very nervous about my first meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Who wouldn’t be?

Was there any challenge working with your husband in this industry?

My husband and I make a great team together. I was able to focus on finding the best of the best lingerie while he was in charge of the business side. We supported each other throughout the years.

What are your suggestions for someone who is struggling in their own industry or life?

BELIEVE in yourself, work hard and don’t be afraid. You also need to stand up for yourself and let others know you exist.


Lovely June Kenton and I at the Rigby & Peller afternoon tea event.

Here are some of my picks from Rigby & Peller’s latest collection:

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