“Your Life. Your Style.” by Swarovski Chamilia Joint Collection

Charms are decorative items that can reflect your style, personality and also your way of thinking too! The first 2 points sounds very familiar, but how can it reflect your thoughts? Swarovski and Chamillia has created a joint collection in Hong Kong for the first time. I spent a lovely luncheon at Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Amber, to design my own mix-and-match charm bangle. It was a tough pick from the unique range of mixing beads, motifs, symbols and crystal colors. In my mind, I kept on editing charms that I thought would create a visual balance on my bangle. I was looking for something simple yet elegant, that it can be worn on a daily base. It seemed like I was working on a charm equation to plus and minus the charms.


You can also notice what others are thinking while they are picking their charms. From my observation, some picked their favorite color tones, motifs that represented themselves or just filled the bangle with charms. Others may take your bangle as inspiration and add in similar elements too! It was such a fun afternoon to test out my creativity:)

In progress of my Swarovski Chamilia Joint Collection charm equation. In addition, the timeless birthstone collection has a special meaning for each faceted crystal bead for each month. My colors were Light Amethyst ( June), evoking purity, intuition and beauty + Preidot ( August), for both protection and happiness.

charms4 charms1charms5Ring by Swarovski, Wavy Stripe nails by Nail Me


Collection available Hysan Place, Causewaybay and New Town Plaza, Sha Tin