Pierre Hardy for NARS collection

Iconic beauty brand, NARS teams up with Pierre Hardy to create and Ultra Modern Coupling of Conceptual Colors this Summer. It’s time to book your manicure/pedicure appointments to freshen up with these bold new dual colors. Inspired by his Summer 2013 shoe collection, this collection will give you a taste of a designer’s eye for colors. I have always wondered what drew the interest of a designer + a beauty brand to work together? Keep reading to find out more…


Q&A with Hardy:

What drew you to NARS? Why NARS?

For me, I was very interested in collaborating with a brand that has a real identity. NARS is a brand with a real identity – a very specific sophistication and a very specific kind of woman. It is different from what I am doing in my own collection but in the same way I can see links and correspondents. Because it is a totally different range of products, another field of fashion, it was very exciting for me. Perhaps this was totally unconscious, but if I would have created a cosmetic company, I would have dreamed it would be like NARS. The packaging is beautiful – the matte black, the colors, the density, the image of communications – everything was so current. It’s what I already love, so it was not even a question.

How important are a woman’s accessories – like nail polish, shoes, and jewelry – to her overall look?

What I love about fashion is that it’s a way to escape from the gravity of everyday preoccupation. That’s a good thing. Fashion – nail polish, shoes, makeup, jewelry – it’s all an escape and a way for your mind to play with your appearance. It’s essential. It’s a quest, in a way; in history the human being has been in search of perfection, of beauty, of new shapes.

What type of shoe should every woman have in her closet and what color nail polish should every woman own?

A lot! Variety is important – for a woman’s foot, and for her hands.


NAIL POLISHES INCLUDE: ETHNO RUN (orange, navy), SHARPLINES ( peach, burgundy) VERTEBRA (coral, dusty rose) EASY WALKING (rose gold, camel) SHARKS (yellow, lavender ) VENOMOUS ( gunmetal, black ) (exclusive to NARS boutiques and narscosmetics.com)

BLUSHES INCLUDE: ROTONDE( tiger lily) BOYS DON’T CRY (pink grapefruit)

Found 2 super amazing nail design using NARS x Pierre Hardy Nail Colors. Check out how in this link.

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