Mecca Beauty: the beauty of mind to body

Living in a fast paced environment in Hong Kong can cause us stress and frustration. A few years ago when I first came back to Hong Kong, my skin was really bad since I wasn’t used to the people, rapid lifestyle and weather compare to Vancouver. Eventually it got better after a period of time, but weather isn’t the only thing that will affect your skin. Recently, I have been visiting Mecca Beauty for some beauty secrets. During my visits it made me realize the importance of wellness, stress management and relaxation to let your inner beauty shine. Wellness is generally having a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Mecca Beauty uses organic treatments that are safe and reliable. Every type of treatment or service such as body, bust and facial can help you relax from body to mind. Their beauty experts are super friendly making me feel comfortable during my visits. Alqvimia oil treatments for facials and bust care are my favorite among their services. At home, I am using Alqvimia’s Queen of Egypt (helps deep-down nourishing powers, combats the skin’s aging process) and Bust Beauty Body Oil(reshapes the volume of your breasts). If you are seeking for body sliming, Mecca Beauty’s LPG Endermolift and Lipomassage technology can help in the most natural and painless way to activate your cortex, with clean, compact and slimming effect. My legs were slightly toned after using LPG along with my daily morning exercise. From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate the 2 founders, Sandra and Theodora Chow’s belief in sincerity and quality to beauty. Mecca Beauty is not just a place for outer appearance; it’s the beauty of mind to body.


Mecca Beauty uses all Organic products such as Alqvimia and Eminence

mecca2With Sandra Chow, one of the founders or Mecca Beauty


Myseld, Grace and Theodora Chow, the other founder of Mecca Beauty, on the very left


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