Bershka “mine of 250” DIY x vnikali

The enormous feeling of satisfaction when you create your own DIY is my favorite part of the process. Bershka invites selective bloggers from all over the world to be the first ones to experience their custom DIY kits for ” Mine of 250″ jeans. The kit includes fabrics, sewing tools, studs and an easy step-by-step instructions for you to customize your jeans. A pair of your very own non-copied denim can show off your personal style and instinct for trends. vnikali’s way of creating a pair of denim is to highlight it with denim textured floral. The textured floral gives a nice contrast and a 3D visual effect to the jeans. I added hints of jewels on floral and ripped denim for detailing too! You can mix and match these denim in a casual or sophisticated way.

diyjean3 diyjeans9diyjean5 diyjeans2 diyjeans4 diyjeans6

Do you want to create your very own festival denim, too? Then check Bershka’s Facebook page
(Hyperlink: ever
yday from the 24/06 till 28/06 and for the chance to get one of the free limited edition DIY kits! The contest opens randomly during the day. So be quick. They only give away 50 kits per day to the first people signing up.

And the fun doesn’t end here. Once you are done with personalizing, upload a picture of your customized festival denim on their Facebook page (hyperlink: for the chance to win a trip to the one and only “In The Woods” (hyperlink: www.
festival near London. An experience you don’t want to miss out on.

diyjeans8 GOOD LUCK and Get yours of 250 now!