horizontal illusion

A cropped top with high waist bottom is the ultimate ticket to a classy 2 piece beach wear. If you are seeking a for a little bit more, try layering it with a zebra print silk blouse. This styling adds a new dimension to your upper proportion that creates a double horizontal illusion. Animal prints also bring out a sexy and daring vibe when it’s worn the right way. A way to prevent looking tacky while wearing zebra prints is pairing it with simple, such as plain black, white or denim. Don’t try too hard on accessorizing with prints since the print itself already makes a statement to your total look. The gold buttons on Juicy Couture’s shirt balances the earrings and baroque detailed sunglasses.

Styling Tips: For petite size girls, remember to tie or tuck in your shirt to elongate your lower body. It’s created an effortless chic styling effect.

bj_day3_2 bj_day3_3 bj_day3_4A gorgeous tanning view at Ban Jakawan Villa


zebra silk blouse by Juicy Couture, earrings by Juicy Couture, cropped top by Topshop, swimwear bottom by Topshop, sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, bangle by Sal y Limon