when sushi meets mono leopard

Sushi is my happy food 🙂 Rupert Sanderson’s latest collection brings sushi to fashion and I have combined it with a few classy elements to make it vnikalistyle. Who knew a flare mono leopard print skirt will go so well with sushi patterns? Animal prints can be a bit tricky when it comes to matching pattern heels. The denim collar, pearl necklace and tailor black vest is my classic items in this outfit, while Rupert Sanderson’s bold heels projected character without saying a single word. The heels blend in so well with the outfit, it will draw your curiosity for a closer look at subtle sushi patterns. Here are some mix and match principles for your reference when you are wearing printed shoes. When wearing solid color shoes , you can wear printed upper wear and when you are wearing colorful printed shoes, you should wear solid or black and white upper wear.

Styling Tips: You can grab a tone from your heels and pick a top or bottom that features the shade.

sushi_3 sushi_4 sushi_2 sushi_1