in da mood

Waking up in the morning with a positive attitude will change your whole mood. There are days I tell myself I have no mood to do anything and end up wasting my whole day feeling miserable. After my trip to Koh Samui I have realized “You can either choose to be negative and moan about things you don’t have when you wake up, or you can choose to be happy and appreciate what you have already.” It’s important to have a good balance of self-understanding and self-absorption to reach your goals. Really get to know about true self, this can enhance your personal style too!

Tips on knowing about yourself: Try creating an A1 mood board in your room and collect anything you like from magazines (products/clothes,/people/places/quotes), internet (print out) or first hand materials. Give yourself 1 month and you can visually start to understand yourself more…. it takes time and experience to get to know yourself inside out

bj_day5_2By the poolside everyday during my stay I brought out my fashionary for brainstorming. Kept my UE Boom’s wireless speaker by my side for bold, immersive sound in every direction. My friends were so happy I bought this speaker for the trip since we were using it from day to night since it had 15 hours battery life. It comes in 6 different colors to match your own personal taste. A speaker that plays good sound + music will put me in da mood to work 🙂

bj_day5_3Necklace by Juicy Couture, Candy Bag by Furla, Speaker by UE Boom, i phone case by Catalyst, Shades by Ray Ban