La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui

Anna Sui’s well known bohemian vibe designs has been well reconginsed all over the world. This year, Anna takes her bohemian spirit to a new level to share with her loyal fans. Her bohemian world echoes Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s artwork that brings soft sensuality and free spirit to the ladies. The perfume combines Anna’s favorite rose and peonies smell that releases colorful and vibrant scent. I personally like the gold with a purple bottle design that is slightly romantic with hints of luxury touch. Please do read on my post for an exclusive interview with Anna Sui for vnikali while she was in Hong Kong for her Asia Tour. My interview was to explore Anna’s deep thoughts for La Vie de Boheme and her view in style.

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1.For the new fragrance, can you share with us how you came up with a bottle design to packaging design?

La Vie de Boheme captures everything that I love. The bottle was designed around two of my personal iconic emblems, the rose and the butterfly. The outer packaging has a vintage inspiration, a bohemian look inspired by fashion designs and a romantic nostalgia – all in a modern interpretation. The scent was created around two of my favorite flowers – the rose and the peony

2.Do you have a certain muse for this new fragrance? Or for your design work?

There has always been a bohemian vibe in my collections, but I had never really incorporated that spirit into my fragrances. La Vie de Bohème arrived at the perfect moment. It truly represents who I am; from my design aesthetic, to how I approach life.

3. If you were to use a painting to describe your Bohemian world what would it be?

Any of the Pre-Raphaelite portraits of women by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

4. You mentioned you enjoy really the process from research to designing. What are some of the interesting process moments while you were working with Philippe Romano?

My team and I have known Philippe Romano for many years. He understands the world of Anna Sui and I appreciate his talent as a creator of beautiful scents. The process of creating fragrances is really exciting and interesting for me. Initially, we discussed the conceptual approach with Philippe and showed him some storyboards. We then discussed the fragrance ingredients and this conversation lead to several submissions and more conversations until we found the perfect scent!

5.What is the first emotion you aim users to feel when using La Vie de Boheme?

La Vie de Bohème is all about self-expression, individuality, being creative, artistic, romantic, and staying true to your own convictions – La Vie de Bohème is a fragrance that is not dictated to any one style, but to the style of many

6.What made you pick Thairine Garcia as your model for this Ad Campaign?

Thairine has such an ethereal quality, she totally embodies the spirit of La Vie de Bohème. You can really believe that she had spent her entire life living in that pastoral field of wildflowers.



7.Can you share with us why Beijing is one of your favorite cities? Will you focus more in the China market?

I love everything about Beijing – there is always something new to see or do. I don’t see it as overwhelming; rather I try and appreciate the city for what it is and all that it has to offer. I’m fascinated by the pockets of traditional culture tucked inside the burgeoning modern city. It’s a very exciting time for China, even in terms of the Anna Sui brand, I see tremendous growth opportunities.

8.If you had a chance to go back in time, what era would you pick? Would that be your favorite time?

I have always been inspired by the 1960s. To me that era represented a time of ultimate optimism. Everything was changing – music, film, and art. I think this is the period that really shaped me and my love for design and fashion. The 60’s will always represent a time of revolution, freedom, and infinite possibility.

9.How do you see style vs fashion?

I think over time, women have come to recognize that fashion trends come and go and it is about experimenting and trying those trends but ultimately selecting pieces that you love and make you feel beautiful. Women that make each piece their own by giving it a personal, individual touch is what style is all about!