art lesson at NARS

What makes a good painting? When you have a set of good brushes, high pigment art materials and a tasteful sense. To explore how to use my new NARS brushes, I went to visit one of their lead makeup stylists. Priscilla Yu, NARS lead makeup stylist, who has done makeup for celebrities , fashion shows and numerous publication for a little private lesson. I knew my face was in safe hands when Prisy pointed out my skin problems the first thing she saw me. While I was learning how to use my brushes along with NARS AW13 collection, my mind kept on having a flashback of myself painting when I was in high school. Instead of smudging dark black eyeshadow to your eye to create ” smoky eyes”, Prisy taught me how to combine layers of colors to create a soft look. If you compare it with art, it brings out a whole new dimension of depth to your eyes.

nars1 nars2

We tested out the colors and combined a Deep Sea Blue with Navy Smoke over top. I never thought these 2 colors with smudge black eyeliner can bring out a blue tone. It’s like mixing paint together to make another color.

Best of all, the Pink Chiffon crayon and dark brownish red lip liner for a chic lip that blends in your makeup. I am in love with this combo!

THANK YOU PRISY for this amazing makeup and private lesson! Really can’t wait to explore AW13 collection with my new brushes!
nars4Come Join Prisy and Yoyo for their Make Up Service!

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Close up shot of my soft smoky eyes! I really love the lip color!!!!