the feeling…

The cool breeze is gently blowing against my hair, the shoreline enters into the ocean with an infinity reach. I needed to stop and admire the feeling of this wonderful moment. When I looked down at the smooth white sand against the crystal clear water from the ocean, it’s a feeling I don’t get in Hong Kong . The minty fresh feeling is something I aim to have every morning to start off my day. A crop stripe top with cut off shoulders and breezy shorts is my travel style. The clear frame of Saint Laurent bold sunglasses blends in with my background.

Styling tips for travel style: Make sure you bring clothes that are very light. A pair of light colored shorts and white sneakers is a must. When travelling, think of simple outfits that can blend in with your scenario.

beach4beach_1 beach_fishbeach_sky beach2 beach5sunglasses by Saint Laurent, necklace by Swarovski , top by forever 21, shorts by kookai, shoes by Lacoste