Interview with Mr.Rupert Sanderson

A pair of goods heels can boost up your confidence in outlook and enhance your body shape. It also gives you additional height to make you appear taller, longer and leaner. Other than sky high heels, recently I have been sharing with my friends about how pointy heels can lengthen your leg line. Wearing Rupert Sanderson’s point heels in photo shoots or events, I tend to feel good about my lower proportion. In Rupert Sanderson’s FW13 collection, Jeanette and Moiki are my picks to feel chic with longer leg line! It was wonderful to meet Mr. Rupert Sanderson, designer, at the Elements shop along with Tina Leung to view the complete FW13 collection. Please do read on for an exclusive interview with designer and get to know more about his personal thoughts!


Tina Leung and I in Rupert Sanderson heels. Noticed how our outfits blend it with the colors of our heels.

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Interview with Rupert Sanderson:

1. While designing shoes for Karl Lagerfeld’s mainline catwalk collection, was it hard to find a balance for 2 designer ideas?

Well no, it’s rather fortunate. Because he’d seen something that I’ve done, which he thought he wanted to use for this catwalk collection. So it was a very subtle adaption to what already existed. It wasn’t a case of designing from scratch, that’s why we worked together.

2. Can you share with us some of a few memorable shoe factories (some personal experience) you visited while your motor biked to Italy?

It all seemed so long ago, it was 15 years ago! The whole thing was an adventure – finding them, meeting the owners, it’s a bit like discovering wine for the first time. The whole thing was just intoxicating and unreal because it was so different from anything that had happened to me in my life. I’ve never been in a factory, any factory, I’ve never been to Italy, I’ve never tried to make myself understood in another language in quite the same way. It was all a whirl. Individual experiences, the whole thing was just fantastic, a hugely inspiring trip.

3. If you had a chance to go back in time, what era would you pick? Would that be your favorite time?

If I can take my family, any era would do. It would be quite nice to experience America in the 50s, India at the turn of the century, three unification of Italy in the 16 amazing period of time to be there. I haven’t got one specific time that I’d like to travel back to, but as long as I can take my family with me I wouldn’t be that fussed.

4. In Asia, the majority of the ladies prefers slim legs rather than toned legs. Do you have any personal preferences on legs and how you want ladies to feel after wearing Rupert Sanderson designs?

In terms of physical appearance and mental thought. My god, it’s a minefield! I will avoid it at all cost, I’ve got no opinion on it.

5. Do you have a certain muse while designing new collection?

Not one specific muse because shoes are so much to do with mood and accessorizing Ready To Wear. There could be very different women wearing my shoes. There’s a common denominator of a confident woman who is responsible for buying for herself, making her own decisions in her own life, and has a very clear sense of who she is rather than projecting a story or fantasy for someone else’s edification. I don’t like to design for women who can talk themselves into a language I don’t understand.

6. How do you vision Rupert Sanderson after 3 years, some goals you would like to share with your fans?

I’d like to be doing very similarly of what I’m doing now – invest the most beautiful shoes and just growing it gently, being in control, being crazy, being inspired; as challenges and opportunities present themselves and being well-equipped and embrace them rather than feel I am constrained by other people.