vintage oversize with mon shu red

Red lips are a great tool to brighten up your overall appearance on a dull day! I find it a challenge to line up your lip color to a perfect shape when you are rushing out the door. That’s why I personally like to dab lip color on my lip for an effortless lip effect. Shu Uemura’s Mon Shu collection gives us a range of passionate warm tones that compliments overall skin tones. The shiny translucent texture creates a light glossy effect which enhances your lips to look fuller. My oversized denim jacket balances out the sexiniess of red to a casual chic outfit. In addition, I tied a chiffon ribbon on my necklace as a styling highlight for an elegant touch.

Styling Tips on the lips: If you want to create a 2 tone lip effect, try using a light color on your upper lip and a darker color on your lower lip. I used dolly red lucid ( slightly orange) on my upper lip and lacquer red (darker red) on my lower lip. Make sure the tones are similar to give have a subtle effect.

shuumera_lips1 shuumera_lips2 shuumera_lips3 shuumera_lips4 shuumera_lips5lip wardrobe provided by Shu Uemura