slake it, belt it

In my previous post on Swarvoski’s slake it, ankle it bracelet, I turned the bracelet into ankle straps. This time I have transformed the bracelets into a waist belt for my denim blazer. The crystals from the bracelets adds a sparkle highlight to the denim texture. To create a good balance of sparkles, I wore a sequin top as a base. I combined 2 slake bracelets together around my waist to create this belt. You can add a brooch in the middle to have a center point.

Styling Tips: Combine similar colors such as black and gray/ pink and purple on the same side. This will give you 2 different feels from back and front of your outfit.

slakebracelet_swarovski_3b slakebracelet_swarovski_3c slakebracelet_swarovski_3d slakebracelet_swarovski_3eblazer by Lee Jeans, top by topshop, bag by seeds, slake bracelet and necklace by Swarovski