girl racer blue

The weather was starting to get a bit cooler in the past few days and it’s the perfect time for me to bring out my leather jacket. To extend my obsession with monotones, I have decided to layer a blue leather jacket to give it a twist from just black and white. Chevignon’s girl racer leather jacket adds a hint of girl racer attitude to a sophisticated one piece dress. If you are discovering outfit new combos, a one piece dress with leather jacket is something you can try! The two items create a good balance of effortless cool and chic elegance. The jacket’s front flaps allows you to secure your jacket on your shoulder as a cape or you can roll it up by adjusting the sleeve zippers!

Styling Tips for color leather jacket: Think of your jacket as a statement piece already. If you want to play with colors, try to mix and match colors that are in harmony.
leather_blue1 leather_blue2 leather_blue4 blue_leather3leather jacket by Chevignon, sunglasses by YSL, dress by HOKK fabrica, bag by mischa