Kyoto red encouragement

It’s finally the right time to share my Kyoto photos for vnikalistyle post. Wondering why I have saved it now? This isn’t just an ordinary outfit post, it’s a post that expresses a postivite attitude through scenery, style and experience. When the right amount of red is styled together, it projects confidence and courage. The magical scenery of Kyoto brought me to another world that was filled with imagination. It gave me an additional space to gather various thoughts into one. A strong sense of purpose, unending faith, positive hope and mastery of facing changes will take you a long long way. But no one makes it alone, the beauty comes from relationships, teamwork and spiritual guidance.

Be humble and fight for your dreams with patients, wisdom and unending faith.

kyoto_1 kyoto_2 kyoto_3 kyoto_4 kyoto_5 kyoto_6 kyoto_7kyoto1 kyoto2 kyoto4 kyoto5

dress by diane von furstenberg, top by forever 21, sunglasses by saint laurent, rings by swarovski, bag by mischa