one step away from stressed skin by kiehl’s

A clear mind and relaxing soul are great friends for non stressful skin. There are times I just can’t help myself being stressed… It’s a really bad habit. Whenever I get nervous or stressed, I tend to scratch my face along my jaw bone to chin. Then my skin shows tiredness, redness starts to appear and the worse part is mentally I feel more stressed from the appearance of my skin. Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer is one of the products I have used to minimize my skin stress. The key ingredients to help ease out the stress are Rosa Gallica Botanical Extract, Mannose and Chamoille.


If your face starts to get very oily from stress, you can try Kiehl’s ultra facial oil-free cleanser. It helps reduce excess oil without leaving your skin very dry. During winter time, I tend use it only before bedtime.
kielhs_2Another beauty tip to reduce stress on your skin is to keep a small bottle of spray toner in your bag. Whenever I feel stressed, I use Kiehls’s Calendual Herbal-Extract Toner to calm myself down. Trust me, it really works!! After a few spray, your skin feels refresh and the mild scent helps brighten your mood.

kielhs_3From inside out beauty: Did know Japanese Mountain Yam is high in B-complex group of vitamins. B complex vitamins will help reduce stress and maintain good mental health. Try adding Japanese Mountain Yam into your daily meals. I personally like to cook it with congee and eat is as lunch for a light lunch.


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