vnikali at OMEGA Co-Axial Charity Dinner

My visit of OMEGA’s Vienna Flagship store timepiece museum has extend it’s way to Hong Kong. OMEGA brought a truly unique and first time in Hong Kong to showcase key milestone pieces from OMEGA’s illustrious history. During the opening, OMEGA exhibited timepieces that belonged to Dr. George Daniels. I am not sure why, but OMEGA tends to have a high lifting spirit in my life. I won’t say I am an expert at timepieces, I believe it’s the dedicated energy and it’s innovative time movement that changes my mood. After several years, you can notice the timepieces in the exhibition is still kept in great condition. If you compare it with life, we all seek for high enery and innovative ideas to create a quality lifestyle that can maintain for lifetime. Charming Korean actor ,Ji Jin-Hee, joined with OMEGA to unveil the exhibition and raise funds for The Peace and Development Foundation through a watch auction at the charity dinner. At the ” A Tale of Perfection” charity dinner, I witnessed a moment of warm hearted auction over delicious dishes by Four Season Hotel. Please check out the video to see OMEGA unveils Co-Axial exhibition in Kong Kong.

Snaps of me during charity dinner.



Thank you OMEGA for lifting my spirit up and a wonderful night at the Charity Dinner.