vnikali for Multifacets by Swarovski

November has been a blast for me! What made it so special was my collaboration with Swarovski to share some of my styling tips. Swarovski has picked one blogger worldwide along with creative director, Nathalie Colin, to host 2 episode of Multifacets by Swarovski. It was such a great honor and amazing opportunity to host one of the episodes. My topic was brooches, one of this season’s hottest trend. Brooches can be style in all kinds of ways and transformed into various accessories. Check out my video below to be inspired on different ways to pull off this trend! I personal love the double brooches to create a statement coat!

In fact this was a whole new experience for me to talk in front of the camera.I was a bit nervous at first but Swarovski’s team cheered me on! Being in front of camera isn’t as easy as I thought, especially filming! This was a great start off 🙂 Thank you to the crew for being patient and letting me learn. Hope you guys enjoy the episode 🙂

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