my first clarisonic ARIA

To use or not to use? I have heard numerous miracles and positive reviews on clarisonic cleansing machine. Majority were friends, online reviews and fashionistas. The first few questions that come in my mind are will the brush destroy my skin? will it be too harsh? does is wash through? how long do it need to scrub for? The clarisonic team explained the concept and technology behind clarisonic’s latest edition: ARIA advanced sonic cleansing and solved my questions.

will the brush destroy my skin? clarisonic’s brush is very fine and will not destroy your skin since clarisonic uses sonic technology

will it be too harsh? no vibration, no spinning- the sonic method works with skin’s natural elasticity to thoroughly cleanse skin

does it wash through? ARIA cleanses 6x better than manual cleansing, which gives skin more radiant looking each day

how long do it need to scrub for? it only takes 60 seconds a day! It has a built in T-TIMER guide. 20 sec on forehead, 10 sec on each cheek and 20 sec on nose and chin

clarisonic_1 clarisonic_2 clarisonic_3 clarisonic_4

After using clarisonic ARIA for 2 weeks, I noticed my skin complex has become more radiant and my face feels very clean. What I like the most is the gentle cleanse helps skin care products absorb better. Thank you Style-Tips and clarisonic for providing me this product for trial! Learn more here.