vnikali at OMEGA’s exclusive watchmaking course

I had a thought of starting a little memoir of my experience with OMEGA Watches. It all started my invitation to Vienna with Nicole Kidman at Ladymatic Launch. Then gradually I began to feel interested in the heart of OMEGA watches and its movement. To be very honest, in my daily life experiences, the only time I get a chance to see any core of a watch is whenever I attend exhibitions/previews or even just changing batteries. But this time, I was about to explore “REAL” heart of mechanical watch at OMEGA’s watchmaking course at their Queens Road shop. At times people tend to associate watches with men and jewelries for women. Well, I am about to be the very first few ladies in Hong Kong to take an OMEGA Watchmaking Course. Throughout the course, you will learn about OMEGA’s history, hands on experience of putting watch components together and really dig into the art of timepieces.

omegawatches5OMEGA’s custom watchmaking tools and instruments with a different size to unscrew the timepiece. You will be able to check out one of a kind gadgets exclusively made for OMEGA’s timepiece service.
omegawatches_1 omegawatches4

The escapement is the heart of every mechanical watch and it literally makes your timepiece tick. And did you know OMEGA completely redesigned their own escapement? To master the heart of perfection, OMEGA completely redesigned the escapement to achieve it’s store energy “escape” in a controlled manner and maintains the oscillations of balance. That’s what makes it unique and trustworthy for all their pieces.
omegawatches3 The most difficult part was to slide back the escapement into the timepiece, since it needed a good balance to regulate it’s movement organ. While I was putting the escapement back on it felt like a mechanical surgery, which needed patients, experience and a pair of professional hands. Every single time I placed the escapement and wished to hear the ” TIK TOK” sound.. Failed a few times, but once it worked the feeling was great! It’s almost seemed like something came to life. So, I give full credits to watch makers around the world. It’s not as easy as you think.
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Couldn’t leave this course without a group picture with George Clooney and our professional look. Thank you OMEGA for this course and now I am proud to share to everyone I am certified in completing the OMEGA Watching Making Course.

For more information, please visit: OMEGA SHOP OMEGA Boutique Shop: 38 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong / T. +852 2147 5108