vnikali x apm monaco : Pomeline Collection

Mixing textures with clothes is always fun, since you come up with all kinds of possible combinations. I love styling with textures with the same color palette and adding layers to make things interesting. apm Monaco’s pearl jewelries from Pomeline Collection highlights my overall blue and gray harmony of my outfit. Pearls can either embrace your elegance temperament or simply makes you look mature ( not sure if everyone wants that). By pairing the pearls against tweed and lace, it recreates a casual chic to the pearls. I love how everything blends in together and compliments one another.

Styling Tips for pearls against different textures: I realized that pearls have the power to enhance your inner beauty, therefore it’s no necessary to add piles of accessories with pearls. Instead, play around with textures to bring out the smoothness and light of the pearl. I like to wear tweeds, lace or even sheer. Try to pair is up with a sleek bottom for a modern touch. Check out my full outfit in this video

apm Jan-1 apm Jan-2 apm Jan-3

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