vnikali x apm monaco : Joaillerie Mariage and collection

Here comes my second and third look for vnikali x apm monaco. Ever since the remake of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, I still cannot get over that pool party scene from the movie. Great glamourous flapper dresses mixed & matched with rich textures and not to miss, one of a kind jewelries. The whole point of being inspired by The Great Gatsby is to project your overall vibe of movement and confident statement in your outfit. apm monaco’s Joaillerie collection is my pick to pull off a dazzling 20’s look. The art Deco design against pearls recreates a modern flapper look. Check out my full outfit in this video

Styling Tips for Flapper dress with jewelry: Keep a good balance of textures. Fringe or sequins are a must to style up 20’s look, but remember not to overdo it. Also add art deco elements to create a stronger image of 20’s.
apm Jan-4 apm Jan-5 apm Jan-6

The Mariage collection from apm monaco, is simple and fits in any outfit. You can wear the rings all together or individually. There is a huge range of design to pick from the collection. I personally like the gold styled with black ring bands.
apm Jan-7 apm Jan-8ENCOURAGE: Why not go to a jewelry shop to try on various styles on yourself. Don’t be shy to ask and try, you might find your next lucky jewelry. I encourage you to try on something, 20’s this week and see how you feel.

Check out apm Monaco facebook or apm Monaco shop at Harvey Nichols Pacific Place