love your eyes in a stylish way

Both luxury brands, Bulgari and Tiffany, are super well known for their jewelry designs. The brand designs of Tiffany and Bulgari have the power to add on timeless sophistication to your overall look. From geek to chic, I managed to find a few favorites at LensCrafters Manning House over the weekend, where they carry the latest collections, Return to Tiffany” and “ Bulgari Diva” .

Bulgari’s Diva collection allows you to experience Bulgari’s deep rich colors with its signature “fan” jewelry design on the side of eyewear. We cannot forget the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s Classic Hollywood stars with their iconic sunglasses look. The Diva Collection will allow you to recreate this look against your own personal style.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies and I am also a huge fan of this brand. When it comes to colors, Tiffany’s blue is my ultimate pick. “Return to Tiffany” collection is inspired by 1837 Cuff design with its classic elements such as Tiffany blue, heart shapes and Charles Lewis Tiffany’s signature. I am completely drawn to the Tiffany blue frames with its gold signature.


At LensCrafters Manning House I was trying out “Return to Tiffany” optical glasses. I have been longing to pick a pair that isn’t just for optical aid but it can be a fashion accessory as well. You always want to look smart and trendy in optical glasses instead of clumsy and dorky.

lensecrafter_2_4It’s been ages since I did a proper eye test. Usually at other eyewear shops, they have a simple machine to test your eyesight with an eye test. At LensCrafters Manning House, they provided me with a full eye test. Their Vision Care Center provides check up from the overall to deep core of your eyes. The advanced machines fascinated me to really know what’s going on in the core of my eyes. Matthew, the optometrist, explained my current eye condition in details and advised me on how to take care of them. My first step is to wear contact lens less and optical glasses more! Since I have a pair of chic optical glasses now, I am not afraid to wear them anymore.


Thank you and LensCrafters Loves Eyes!

ENCOURAGE: When is the last time you did a complete eye test? I encourage you to learn and understand what is really happening inside your eyes. Also, really take care of them with the right optical glasses or sunglasses

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