who-are-invited for lunch shopping?

who-are-invited to go shopping at Harvey Nichols during lunchtime? A bunch of girls rushed to Harvey Nichols during their lunch break to pick out their favorite pair of shoes. I was invited by who-are-invited ( check out the link for my interview), a unique digital platform for creativity and talents, along with Kelly Fu, Mayo, Ceci and I joined the fun photo shoot. The girls and I had so much fun during the shoot “pretending ” to fight for our shoes. It’s like a scene in Confession of a Shopaholic where everyone went bananas at a sample sale. I still remember I went crazy over a pair of shoes that didn’t even fit me right, but I ended up buying it. The style and price was too attractive, so NO wasn’t an answer…

Tips on picking shoes: Heels can make a huge difference, but you must find a perfect style that compliments your feet. If you have short legs like me, mid long ankle boots are a big NONO! I will stick with pointy heels to elongate your legs.
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photo| Noel Jones, hair | Kenneth Ho make up | ChiChi Li, wardrobe & shoes | Harvey Nichols, behind the scene photo | Nam Kong