Busy Bee week

Busy Bee this week! After Valentines Day, I have been prepping, styling and shooting every day! I have gone to crazy places just to find the perfect fabrics that I needed, searched over 30 shops to find ” the dress ” and just managed to keep my skin well for my shooting. Also experienced a series of impossible to making it possible, especially a very rude and irresponsible tailor in central that I will never ever find again. 0 points for him!!!! Wanted to share with you what I wore for my shoot and did a quick outfit shoot after my shoot with ELLE x Coach X vnikali. My makeup artist, Echo, drew me a perfect cat eye and I didn’t want to waste it, so I did a quick 5 min snapshot after dinner. Whenever I do shooting of myself, I like to wear something that is comfy styled with a hat or shades.


Sneak peak of my behind the scene of ELLE HK x Coach x vnikali! More photos coming up after I come back from Macau over the weekend!