healthy goodies for March!

Recently I have been searching for a few healthy gems to combine it into my style. When it comes to beauty the first few things that pop in our minds are skin and body. I have learnt the main factor to accomplish a good result in these areas are mostly how you function your mental thoughts. If your mind has no motivation or constantly packed with negative thoughts, then I suggest you find a someone to fix it up first. Now I would like to introduce you to a few goodies I have discovered lately.

Daneille Roasted Coconut Chips are super addictive and also a good replacement for other non healthy snacks. The taste is very pleasant with a pinch of salt seasoning. I like to sprinkle them onto my salads or just take a hand full while watching tv. Coconut oil benefits include fat loss, improve brain function and improve your skin complex. The list goes on forever! Find out more :


Black Garlic has been well known as the bulb of immortality and it has twice the amount of antioxidant than regular garlic. The name sounded stinky and weird already, but actually the soda tastes nothing like black garlic. It’s a bit sweet with a black vinegar taste and quite refreshing after heavy meals. I like to store it in the fridge before dinner. Black garlic is a great source to help control cholesterol build up, protect liver and promote sleep. Find out more :
greenbean3Pure Green Coffee Bean dietary supplements for a healthy weight loss after a festive Feburary and to prepare your body for Spring trends.Crop top is a huge trend this SS14 and slim waist is the golden ticket to pull off the look. This buzz of Natural Weight Loss started in 2012 when a popular TV show “The Doctor Oz show” introduces the Green Coffee Bean as a weight loss supplement. The key ingredient to work the magic is found in Green Coffee Beans (before it’s roasted for coffee) is the natural source of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid slows absorption of fat from food intake and also activates metabolism of extra fat. After taking Genesis Today Green Coffee Beans, I feel more energetic during daytime without craving for snacks. Find out more on:

greenbean4Also remember to keep a log book on the start day of healthy diet to for a record of your daily diets! Please consult doctor or professional before taking any supplements. I am starting to get back to the gym now for 4 times a week just to sweat out my stress to maintain positive energy!