horizontal versus vertical

There won’t be a day I would get bored of blue stripes! Stripes are my all time favorite when it comes to classics, especially striped shirts. To bring stripes styling to another level, I experimented it with horizontal versus vertical into one outfit. The interesting part was to pair it up with my cat eye sunglasses too. The vertical collar and the sunglasses created a parallel illusion, while the suit and cuffs matched in horizontal lines. The overall appearance had a nice balance of fine lines. The strap boot sandals are my favorite highlight, it’s fun yet sexy!

Styling Tips on stripes: If it’s your first time, combining different stripes to one outfit, I suggest a monotone approach. In my outfit, I use all blues instead of mixing various colors. You want your lines to be modern and clean instead of crazy rainbows. If you want to look slender, let vertical lines takeover.
finelines3 finelines4 finelines5finelines1finelines2boots by Jimmy Choo, clutch by charlotte olympia, necklace from on pedder, shirt by zara, sunglasses by dolce & gabbana, sweater by uniqlo /photography by [email protected] Friendoor

ENCOURAGE: Try to mix at least 2 striped items together to pull off this look. You can even try it on accessories such as belt and shirt.