#glamstyle with Glamourpods

WEEKEND TIME! Happy to share with you all a little collaboration I did with Glamourpods. Glamourpods and I teamed up to a tutorial video and styling session to inspire you all how to look classy yet fun with all kinds of necklaces. From a plain white shirt to a sexy sheer dress, you can style up yourself with the right necklaces. But there are a few little tips that can help to create the perfect balance. Necklaces are my favorite accessory since it’s easy to wear and you can mix and match it with all kinds of styles. A lot of you may noticed I enjoy layering various textures and cuts in my clothes, this time I have extended it to necklaces. Also, as a fashion stylist, I have edited pieces from my professional eye to share with you all what’s the ” IT” pieces at Glamourpods!

Check out the video on see how it inspires you ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzfJBLA8hcw

If you see something you fancy from the video : Smashing – the code is VNIKALI to have 15% discount on offer. . It’s available over the weekend, so only valid from 22nd – 23rd. HAPPY SHOPPING


glamstyle1 glamstyle2 glamstyle3 glamstyle4 glamstyle5