dinh van paris

Sometimes free spirit jewelry adds the right amount of message to your outfit. Jewelries are much more meaningful if there is a story behind it. Here are some of my selection from dinh van paris collection and a short brief on each collection’s background. Have you noticed how my single outfit has the power to mix and match with various jewelries? It’s the good balance between dinh van paris’ tasteful designs. It won’t over power my outfit; on the other hand my blue lace top brings out reflective shine from its designs. Lastly, look closely at the details of dinh van paris jewelry to feel its message from the collection I picked.dv_2

The cord bracelet collection of dinh van paris once revolutionized the world of jewelry. Wearing precious metal and stones on a cotton cord bracelet brings a wave of freshness and freedom to the modern crowd. Pick your favorite among over 20 cord colors available according to your mood and outfit. Stack them up and have fun! . Also I paired up the cord bracelet with Impression Domino rings, pink gold/ white gold and diamonds.


Cord bracelet/ Menottes dinh van cord bracelet in yellow gold/ Cible cord bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds

Must have collection, Impression combines vintage inspiration and modernity. Square or rhombus, alone or duplicated, pure or dressed in color, everyone gets to choose their own piece. Unique and intimate, these pieces of jewelry sensually imprint their pattern on the skin, like a tattoo.


Impression 6 patterns long necklace, yellow gold and mother of pearl. Impression 6 patterns long necklace, yellow gold and Cornelian

Created in 1976 by Jean Dinh Van, the Menottes dinh van exist in every category of jewels for a very complete collection, both timeless and contemporary. Strong and audacious symbol, the Menottes dinh van represents love, friendship, and attachment. The collection is the best seller in Paris.


Menottes dinh van chain necklace, yellow gold/ pink gold. Menottes dinh van freshwater pearl necklace in white gold


Menottes dinh van rings, all in yellow gold. I like how I can style up the rings with a bold yet elegant layering. It’s almost like handcuffs that are worn on fingers.

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